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Hobby Bucket List

I have an RPG bucket list. Not just different game systems to play but different game experiences I want to pursue. What is your RPG bucket list? Here is mine:

  1. Run or play the following RPGs or Settings at least once:
    • Traveller (DONE)
    • Dungeon World (DONE)
    • Fiasco (DONE)
    • Savage Worlds  (DONE)
    • Deadlands  (DONE)
    • Cortex Plus (Smallville, MHRPG and/or Firefly)  (DONE)
    • Firefly (DONE)
    • Bunnies & Burroughs  (DONE)
    • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire  (DONE)
    • Primetime Adventures (DONE)
    • ‘Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game’ WEG 1st Edition
    • The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    • Lady Blackbird
  2. Play in a long-term Traveller campaign.
  3. Play in a long-term Middle-earth campaign.
  4. Run a game I’ve written (done in 2014  (Cinematic), 2012 (Rarescape) and 2010 (Lost Empires)) (DONE)
  5. Run or play in a Space Opera/SciFi campaign (DONE)
  6. Run a successful drama-driven campaign (i.e. with Fate, Cortex Plus, Apocalypse World, Lady Blackbird, etc.) (DONE)
  7. Attend GenCon (DONE)
  8. Run or play in a Hollow Earth style setting (DONE).
  9. Develop and publish a GM toolkit  (DONE).
  10. Develop RPG Convention tournaments or contests  (DONE).
  11. Help with an RPG Convention (DONE).
  12. Run a campaign that starts at level 1 and hits at least level 10 (DONE).
  13. Play the same character for more than a year (haven’t done this since the 80’s)  (DONE).
  14. Run a licensed game campaign that made people go “This feels like playing the Show.”  (DONE).
  15. Run a Star Wars campaign (DONE).
  16. Play or run a Middle Earth Lord of the Rings roleplaying campaign such as 1st or 2nd Edition MERP (Middle Earth Roleplaying,, or The One Ring (now in print, Cubicle 7 or D&D 5e with custom backgrounds  (DONE).
  17. Design an interesting, original magic item (DONE, the clock-ticking-down demon sword in a 1st Age Redmark game).
  18. Play or run classic D&D modules which I’ve never played starting with the UK series: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (DONE), When A Star Falls, Bone Hill (DONE) and Nights Dark Terror; then on to Dwellers of the Forbidden City, The Hidden Shrine of Tamochan, The Forgotten Temple of Tharzidun, Against the Cult of the Reptile God (DONE), Scourge of the Slave Lords (A1-4), The Lost City, Queen of Spiders (G1-3, D1-3, Q1), and just maybe (with a character I don’t mind losing) Tomb of Horrors (S1).
  19. Play a game in the dark (attached photo shows what it might look like. A chance to finally break out some glow in the dark dice! Elvish glow in the dark dice like these or maybe dice that glow under a black light like this; also see my earlier tip on red-lit GM screens for playing in the dark
  20. Completely master a ’complex’ RPG system (I generally get OK at playing or running a system but I haven’t played any modern system long enough to learn the rules, powers, spells, feats, etc. like the back of my hand. I envy those GMs and Players who have such system mastery).
  21. Come dressed as your character.
  22. Run the Top 10 Amber Zones adventures using a Sci Fi roleplaying setting (see
  23. Visit the Robert E. Howard museum, maybe on the Robert E. Howard days annual event in June.
  24. Attend Texas Broadside some October and play wargames on Battleship TX.
  25. Play an army-level wargame.
  26. Play a skirmish-level wargame.

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