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Notes on the Spinward Frontier

House Rules

Psionics — NPCs only, rare.

Money — You only get a finders fee; JumpCorp gets main things.

Piracy — Usually not viable given trade laws.

Murder Hobo

Trade Laws


Ship Combat

Fleet Battles

Core Activities: Exploration, trade, capers, espionage, battle, ship/sci fi tropes, first contact, etc.





ANCIENTS: Overlords
ANCIENTS: Servants




Security Bots

Combat Robots




Intro; General 15mm Notes
Rebel, Khurastan, Critical Mass and GZGs all generally work together. 
All subscribe to the 15mm to eye level.

PC Races

Main NPC Races
Great bad imperial mercs
Other NPC Races
Various Gorilla Battlestation Races
GZG Crusties 15mm (District 9)
GZG’s Crusties (and Micropanzer’s Raivui): While similar to the aliens from District 9, I cannot help but see Kafer from Traveller 2300 in the case of the Crusties, and the Raivui as perhaps a warrior cast or genegeered soldiers.
Kra’Vak (Dr Who Fat head in space suit type)
Khurasan: Vespulid  Wasp-Type Warriers
Skeletor type race
Ferengi/Quark type race — Kurgen
Bug Humanoids — Manth
Bug Humanoids — Brog
T-Rex Men
15mm Garn
Space Mercs / Space Orcs
Shark Men
Sharkmen by Khurasan
Pygmy Minotaurs and Centaurs
War Eagle Miniatures 12mm range which can be used with 15mm.
Snake Men with Legs
6) Criticall Mass Naga (great that they are now expanded)
Insect men
Lion crocodile wookie and many others
Terrain and Vehicles
I have a 15mm Open AirRaft that was made by one of the smaller Manufactuers back in the late 80’s. It came with 2 crewpeople in VacSuits that looked a bit like frogs. The company who sold it also made miniatures for Arduin (before Emperors Choice)IIRC. I really need to finish painting it. I wish I remember what company sold it. 

Old Crow Models in the UK has some good looking Grav Vehicles. One that would be a great candidate for a GCarrier and perhaps something that could be an Enclosed AirRaft. The vehicles are available in 28mm, and 15mm. 

Hovercraft and such
Digital Art

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