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Tips and trip on the craft of writing and how to create quality fiction.

Can CBA Protagonists Kill? (Discussion)

ABA Action Tales with Mortal Combat Watch a typical suspense-thriller or action movie these days and you’ll find the body count soon mounting. Heroes from Indiana Jones to Rambo find themselves killing the bad guys in self-defense or revenge. Count how many Nazi’s get knocked off in the Indiana Jones movies! Mainstream ABA fiction is […]

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Publishers Looking for Pro-Active Marketing

A nice quote from Terry Whalin’s blog: Publishers are looking for authors who take a proactive role in the marketing of their books. These types of authors understand that publishing is a business and the role of the author goes far beyond simply writing a manuscript, giving it to the publisher and counting on them […]

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Creating Promotional Pieces that Sell Books

Most authors write because they want someone to read what they have to say. But what do you do once you’ve fleshed out all of your ideas and written your book? How do you get it into your readers’ hands? Aspiring authors need to understand the importance of book promotion and how to successfully market […]

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Podcasting to Promote Book Sales

Author Mark Jeffrey is using a free, fully-produced MP3 audiobook performance online to promote book sales. The Pocket and the Pendant is read by the author and accompanied by soundtrack music by composer Bjorn Lynne ( Mark Jeffrey, together with scifi/fantasy website, has so far released five chapters of his book, with nine more […]

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Melodrama That Annoys

Some examples of melodrama that annoys, from The Master’s Artist. My favorites: Coincidences that supposedly matter. Courtroom confessions. Trite sermonettes that ignite weepy epiphanies. The judo chop to the neck that drops the villain.

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Use “Offset Phrases” for Emphasis

Movie makers have many cinematography options available to set mood and tone — from the tight camera angle used to create fear and suspense, to the musical score playing in the background, to other elements such as lighting and cross-dissolves. In writing, you’re usually restricted to black characters on a white page, with only bold […]

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“Something That Lasts” Novel

Not sure about this book’s contents, but I do like his characterization of preachy Evangelical fiction: Instead of the goody-goody characters and “evangelical bludgeoning” people expect in Christian fiction, Jordan says the story explores how flawed people struggle with their faith in the face of devastating events. Read More

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Dave Long Talks Christian Themes

Dave Long of f a i t h * i n * f i c t i o n gives some example of Christian themes in novels: What happens to faith in the midst of suffering? (The Passion of Reverend Nash) How does faith change us? (Asher Lev, Godric) What is faith? (Mariette in Ecstasy, […]

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