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Tips and trip on the craft of writing and how to create quality fiction.

Writing Concisely

Reading Shrunk’s Elements of Style will quickly showcase how concise writing leads to easier reading. This Plain English Campaign link has a list of words to avoid, including: consequently (so) ensure (make sure) forward (send) in accordance with (under, keeping to) in excess of (more than) And remember, 2nd Draft=1st Draft - 10%! Read full […]

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Full Screen Text Editing

Full screen text editing seems to be all the rage for NaNoWriMo writers. In preparation for NaNoWriMo, as well as connected to my recent explorations of emacs and general Terminal goodness, I’ve done some investigating of what options are available for creating a full screen writing environment. The author reviews the freeware options, then moves […]

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How Many Words to Write?

Looking at submission guidelines from a variety of CBA publishers at the Faith, Hope & Love website, it looks like 90,000 words is a good all-around target for a novel length. But you have to write more than 90k words to get 90k words. I like Steven King’s axiom for 1st draft versus 2nd draft […]

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Required Elements of Chapter One

A great summary of how every novel should begin: As far as beginning the novel in general, I think the surest formula (regardless of genre) goes something like this: 1. Grabber first sentence 2. Provocative first paragraph. This can range all the way from high action to quiet narrative, but it should (A) impart pieces […]

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Describing Uncontrived Prayer

I ran across this post from Dave Long on a non-contrived way to describe prayer. The prayer that follows is in narrative form. This is very important, I feel. Too often, writers feel compelled to put prayer into dialogue. It is spoken out loud or in the mind, but it comes out word for word. […]

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Book Blogging — The Next Big Thing?

Book blogging — writing books using the blogging process — is starting to show promise. Note these blog efforts that are making it into print: Julie Powell’s “Julie & Julia” is the season’s most unusual memoir — a writer’s efforts to master the recipes of Julia Child — and a possible breakthrough for bloggers. Based […]

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How to Be A Splendid Writer

A very nice article just posted by J. Mark Bertrand that gives five excellent steps every serious writer should consider to improve their craft. My favorite: Start reading books the way an architect looks at buildings Read full article: The Master’s Artist

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