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Tips and trip on the craft of writing and how to create quality fiction.

Creating an ‘Ultimate Gamemaster’ Bag

What happens when your wife gives you a bag from her medical conference which she doesn’t want? You order some custom patches from eBay and convert it into an ‘Ultimate Gamemaster’ bag. My wife (who gets a Zillion Billion brownie points for doing this) sewed on the patches. I added some pins, and bam!, cool […]

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How to create ‘Auto-Awesome’ Roll20 animations

I take screenshots of our Roll20 battlegrids as we play (I use FastStone Capture but any such screenshot software will suffice). Then I go into our private Google+ community and get ready to share a post. I click ‘Photos’:             Then on the overlay, I see the option to drag […]

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Desires and Fears: Heroic Character Motivation in Origin Stories

I thought this was a pretty interesting insight regarding character motivations. The article is talking about Superheroes, but this also applies to character-oriented fiction. The io9 article makes the point that the motivation comes from the origin story saying: “as [Gail] Simone [writer of Birds of Prey and Secret Six] puts it, the point of […]

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Google Buzz — Integrating Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Buzz

First, follow the instructions on my prior link here: Once you’ve done the above, you can post to WordPress blog and it will echo out to both Facebook and Twitter. Next, manually connect Twitter to your Buzz. Here’s how: Log in to Gmail. When you click “Buzz” and then click “Connected Sites”, you’ll see […]

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Google Buzz — Tips for the Power User

Is Google’s new Buzz feature a Facebook / Twitter killer? Time will tell. For the near term though, it’s probably a good idea to check it out. With Twitter-to-Buzz integration, you can easily set up Buzz to mirror your Twitter posts. In my next post I’ll show how to integrate Facebook and a WordPress Blog […]

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2 Hours + 2 Hours is Not Equal to 4 Hours

A great quote from Stephenson’s “Why I am a Bad Correspondent” — why writing is hard work requiring long, uninterrupted spans of time: Writing novels is hard, and requires vast, unbroken slabs of time. Four quiet hours is a resource that I can put to good use. Two slabs of time, each two hours long, […]

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Boosting Productivity With a Timer

Using a timer for writing? I’m not sure if it will boost productivity, but at least you can use it to track yourself and measure your progress. With the introduction of a $10 countdown timer that one can purchase in any housewares department, we can create our own artificial deadlines that create that sense of […]

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Storing Your Files on the Go

If you’re like me, you find yourself working on multiple computers, and lugging a USB stick around can be a pain (what if you forget it?). Moreover, what if you lose your ISB stick? Answer: use to store your writing documents and have them accessible from any PC or Mac. This article shows how […]

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