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Software, web services, pens, journals — all the best tools to write and edit efficiently.

Google Buzz — Integrating Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Buzz

First, follow the instructions on my prior link here: Once you’ve done the above, you can post to WordPress blog and it will echo out to both Facebook and Twitter. Next, manually connect Twitter to your Buzz. Here’s how: Log in to Gmail. When you click “Buzz” and then click “Connected Sites”, you’ll see […]

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Google Buzz — Tips for the Power User

Is Google’s new Buzz feature a Facebook / Twitter killer? Time will tell. For the near term though, it’s probably a good idea to check it out. With Twitter-to-Buzz integration, you can easily set up Buzz to mirror your Twitter posts. In my next post I’ll show how to integrate Facebook and a WordPress Blog […]

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Using a Spreadsheet to Track Submissions issues the second in a series on The simplest way to track submissions is using a spreadsheet program like Excel. You could also use an online spreadsheet like Google Docs. Create a new spreadsheet and put the following as column headers: Title of Piece | Length | Genre/Type | Query or Submission? |Market Submitted […]

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Writing Full-Screen in Google Documents

Read below to learn about gDarkRoom — a Google Documents tweak tailored to provide a full-screen writing console with these features:

Full-screen editing usable from any computer
Automatic backups of your documents
Write full-screen on the road and sync your document back up once you reconnect to the Internet

I have long used full-screen text editors for banging out fiction. Having the old-school dark full-screen — free from distractions — makes for the ideal writing environment. Some of the full-screen editors I have used in the past:

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Updated Tools for Power Writers’s excellent software suite has now release version 2.4. This is available from, or get a portable version for toting around on a USB drive or to use on locked-down worked computers. OpenOffice now supports extentions (like FireFox) to extent the software’s features. Here are some of the best extentions for Novelists and Writers: […]

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The OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs extension imports documents from Google Docs and Spreadsheets to and exports from to GDocs so you can work with your docs both online and offline. Works onWindows/Mac/Linux. Also it is a simple way to backup your local documents to the internet. The OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs extension is free, works anywhere you’ve installed […]

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Writely Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some helpful shortcuts for those of you using Writely to compose your works. FROM THE EDITOR MENU: Ctrl S to Save Ctrl K to Insert Link Ctrl M to Insert Comment FROM THE BROWSER: Ctrl B to Bold Ctrl I to Italicize Ctrl-Z to Undo Ctrl-Y to Redo Ctrl A to Select All […]

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Character Name Generators

Need some help creating some character names? Check out these useful sites that have very interesting tools to generate names and do research on names:

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Google Book Search

Trying to recall a magical quote from your favorite book? Wondering who else has used the character name ‘John Hoggins’? Google’s new Book Search feature allows you to do this and more. Try it out at Google Book Search

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