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Stan Shinn playing in a Shane Hensley game

Top Lessons Learned from Shane Hensley’s Savage Worlds Game

After having played in Shane Hensley’s Savage Worlds game at ChupacabraCon II in Austin recently, I wrote up my observations of his game in a series of four blog posts: In summary, here are the specific things I plan to do differently in my games going forward after having observed Shane’s […]

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Shane signs my Deluxe hardback at the end of the game :-)

Lessons from Shane Hensley’s Con Game: GMing Techniques

After having reviewed Shane Hensley’s table setup, use of miniatures, and techniques for handling initiative, I will now review the variety of GM techniques that he used during his East Texas University con game. Among Shane’s techniques were an ’Indecision Countdown’ and a thing I call ‘Triggers.’ I thoughts his methods were masterful! Here’s a full breakdown: Fatigue […]

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