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DIY Pathfinder Beginner Box Style Pawns

The new Pathfinder Beginner Box has generated quite a buzz. The fantastic pawns — stiff cardboard cutouts with bases that server as miniature substitutes — have players clamoring for Paizo to issue new sets of pawns. Want to create your own do-it-yourself Beginner Box style pawns? Here’s a tutorial on how to do just that. First, […]

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Pathfinder Beginner Box Basic Combat Style

I totally understand the need to not split the Pathfinder product line by creating an entire new ‘Basic’ product line (see the intense discussion on that here).  Here is what I suggest as an alternative. Just as there are different XP tracks in Pathfinder Society (so you can stay at 7th level for a long […]

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Customizable Swords & Wizardry GM Screen Inserts

Courtesy of Michael White are homebrewed Swords & Wizardry screen inserts. The three interior panels are here: Screen Interior 1 Screen Interior 2 Screen Interior 3 Pictured in the thumbnail are these inserts used in Pinnacle’s three panel customizable screen from: . I have both the Hammer Dog four panel at and the Savage Worlds three panel. I like […]

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Museum of the Mind’s-Eye

Inspired by Ryan Macklin’s “Flash Game Design Friday” challenge, I created the following game called “Museum of the Mind’s Eye.” It uses two of Ryan’s mechanical ingredients: A single token that sometimes is and sometimes isn’t possessed by the player A countdown mechanic I describe it as “Marvel Avengers” meets “Night at the Museum.” Here’s the […]

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Paizo to Launch Pathfinder Pre-Painted Minis This Fall

Paizo impresses again. Whereas Wizards of the Coast has begun exiting the pre-painted plastics miniatures scene (they still have some, but have stopped producing much of their line) Paizo has now entered the fray. From the Paizo blog: Paizo Publishing and WizKids Games announce a new partnership whereby WizKids Games will produce a special set […]

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Cool, Convenient Low-Cost Con Costume

After seeing the photos from Dallas Comic Con 2011, where over 10,000 attended, I got to thinking. What’s the coolest costume for the least cost when attending a comic book, anime or gaming convention? I think the person who did the Lego Head must be the winner in this department. A “Lego Guy” costume just […]

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Three Ideas to Make ‘The One Ring’ Successful

I am very excited about the upcoming Fall release of The One Ring. I know that there is not a lot that has been announced about the product yet, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to mention some of the things which I believe would help spread its adoption by the gaming community: 1) […]

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What Motivates Indie RPG Publishers

What drives indie RPG publishers to create products? Matt Finch, Swords & Wizardry creator, said this: When you post up something on the internet, whether it’s a free resource or not, there will be several types of responses. Many people will type “Cool!” whether they’ve read it or not. These people, god love ‘em, are […]

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