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Review: Fate Core

I’ve been playing Fate off and on for about four years, starting with its earlier incarnation: Spirit of the Century. I’ve now started playing the new 3.0 version of Fate, an OGL and Creative Commons licensed version of the game expressed in both Fate Core and Fate Accelerated Edition. First, the core elements of Fate, and […]

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Running a Stress-Free Convention RPG Game

I’ve know a lot of people who, at various times, have felt like they’ve run a game and ‘failed’. Particularly at convention games, where you have the added elements of ambient noise and playing with strangers, it is really easy to run into frustrations and come away feeling discouraged or drained by the experience. Having […]

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Tools for Creating RPG Maps

If you need maps for running online RPG games, here are my favorite resources. If you haven’t checked out, you really owe yourself to take it for a spin! Create Zoomable or Mashup Maps: Build your own maps: — Great FREE online mapping tool that is super-fast to use and learn. — Great […]

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World’s Oldest d20

I’ve seen this probably half a dozen times, but every time I see it I am awed. The Metropolitan Museum of Art owns what may be the world’s oldest d20 die. It’s made out of serpentine and looks to be in remarkably good shape for its age. The die is a little over an inch tall. The […]

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How To Find Google+ RPG Players

Want to connect with an online tabletop RPG group? Maybe find a pickup game? Here are some places to post game notices and find players or groups: G+ RPG Hangouts — over 2,500 members G+ Tabletop Roleplaying Games — over 7,000 members Hangout RPG’s  — over 1,500 members If you’re using, they have over 100,000 registered users […]

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Using Google+’s Hangout Toolbox for Online Gaming

Want to spice up your Google+ gaming? Here is a video tutorial on using the Hangout Toolbox feature to add your name, your character name, add fixed or floating ‘virtual miniatures’, mute and signal away-from-keyboard, and add sound effects. I’ll add some additional instructions in the days ahead. Here are the two images you can use […]

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City State of the Invincible Overlord

Playing City State of the Invincible Overlord, AD&D. This is a mint condition poster map from the original City State of the Invincible Overlord product. 30+ years old. I have to say I really had fun. It was just about the perfect game in my mind. The sewer adventures felt like a dungeon crawl; we had byzantine intrigue with […]

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Using Scrum to Develop The New D&D

D&D product manager Mike Mearls is using a software design technique (one I am very familiar with) to design D&D Next! This is really interesting if you’re a programmer. Mearls wrote: “To start with, we work in two-week sprints aimed at producing material for the next package. If you’ve worked in software development, you might […]

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D&D Next 2013 Roadmap

According to this article, a new D&D Next playtest packet will come out today. This one will take characters up to level 10. Except for healing rules and the need for more monsters, the core rules will be pretty complete at this point. Coming after this playtest we will see: High-level play Multiclassing New classes and races Healing (updates based […]

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