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It’s Coming. And It’s Gonna Be Cool (Huh?)

J. Mark Bertrand has something brewing: "You’ll have to supply the soundtrack yourself. Imagine the Gorillaz doing "Clint Eastwood" — The future is coming on — or maybe Kate Bush’s "Cloudbusting" — I just know that something good is going to happen. Something good is going to happen, but I can’t tell you about it […]

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Google launches controversial digital book site

Google launched a controversial digital book site: The Internet search giant said the initial collection will include "public domain" works — those without current copyright protection — in an apparent effort to ease concerns that have led to legal challenges. "Because they’re out of copyright, these cultural artifacts can be read in their entirety online […]

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Christian chick lit is trendy

Chick Lit is hot. According to Jana Reiss, religion book review editor for Publishers Weekly: It’s the hottest trend going in Christian fiction. It’s trendy, it’s edgy, and it’s appealing to that all-important younger market. According to the Christian Booksellers Association, it’s a market that drives sales of Christian fiction to more than $2 billion […]

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Google Print is still in Beta, but this upcoming service will be yet another way to make your book ‘search engine friendly’. Google’s description of this tool: Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, but much of that information isn’t yet online. Google Print aims to get it there by putting book content where […]

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CBA Growth Projections

A very nice article on the future growth of the CBA market: Most agree that the category’s growth is noteworthy, and there is no end in sight. In 2009, industry experts expect the religious books segment to account for $2.91 billion, which represents about a 50 percent increase from 2004, Greco added. The category includes […]

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2004 Christy Award Winners

The sixth annual Christy Awards held this year in Denver have been announced, though they haven’t posted it to the site yet. Here are the winners in the different categories: General Bad Ground by W. Dale Cramer (Bethany House Publishers) Historical King’s Ransom by Jan Beazely/ Thom Lemmons (Waterbrook Press) Romance Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann […]

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Authors of religious books earning substantial deals

Earlier this year, Zondervan gave Kingsbury what is believed to be a "seven-figure" advance on a new nine-book contract that doesn’t begin until fall 2008. Such lucrative deals once were reserved for more mainstream authors. With religious books the publishing industry’s hottest sector— it was the biggest gainer with an 11% rise in 2004 — […]

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LaHaye & Jenkins vs. Clancy & Grisham

George Will puts things in perspective: Christian book sales are booming. "The Rising" by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, the 13th in the astonishing 10-year sequence of Christian novels in the series "Left Behind," was published two months ago and rocketed to the top of’s best-seller list. Three years ago LaHaye and Jenkins, whose […]

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Christian Chick Lit Builds Community on the Web

Christian chick lit, recently featured on the Today Show and described by Steeple Hill Executive Editor Joan Marlow Golan as novels for modern Christian women who wonder,”How do I live authentically in the kind of world we live in?,” continues to grow in popularity. In response to the genre’s growing readership, the authors of Steeple […]

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