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The Great Wylie Apocalypse

It’s been a rough month! I’m ever so thankful for everyone’s concern and support. Here’s a quick recap on the notable apocalyptic events of recent weeks. March 24 I live in Wylie, TX. My wife Janine and I wake up around 10:30pm to hear what sounds like a freight train bearing down on us. Hail was […]

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Book Trailers

Book trailers are a new technique for marketing books. Book trailers (or book videos) emerged in 2002 with a company called Circle of Seven Productions. Book trailers are now becoming mainstream. is a website entirely devoted to the viewing of book videos. Another site — — focuses on Christian book videos.

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Drawing the Line

In order to carve out time for writing, sometimes you have to draw the line and cut off the email spigot. How? How? As this 43 Folders article says, this include finding automation and economies of scale. Some examples: add info on your Contact page explaining what people can expect from you use auto-responses and […]

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Writing Full-Screen in Google Documents

Read below to learn about gDarkRoom — a Google Documents tweak tailored to provide a full-screen writing console with these features:

Full-screen editing usable from any computer
Automatic backups of your documents
Write full-screen on the road and sync your document back up once you reconnect to the Internet

I have long used full-screen text editors for banging out fiction. Having the old-school dark full-screen — free from distractions — makes for the ideal writing environment. Some of the full-screen editors I have used in the past:

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2008 Evangelical Book of the Year

The winner fo the 2008 Evangelical Book of the Year— Is not a book. For the first time in the awards’ 30-year history, top honors go to an audio Bible —- The Word of Promise, a 21-hour New Testament read by performers including Jim Caviezel as Jesus. Caviezel played the role in Mel Gibson’s film, […]

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Catholic Literary Revival?

Evangelicals get the lion’s share of coverage in the CBA market. But what about Roman Catholic fiction? Flannery O’Connor and J.R.R. Tolkien are two notable writers whose Catholic identity is integral to their writing. Other Catholic literature is finding mainstream distribution. Read more

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Catholic Book Publishing

The publishers of Catholic books are a tighter, closer community that what you find in the general CBA market. Here are some helpful tips on Catholic publishing with insights into unique characteristics of the Catholic book publishing world. Read more: Catholic Book Publishing

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Catholic Authors

A summary of some Catholic authors, many of them fiction writers: Catholic authors have created a niche for themselves that is growing in popularity in both fiction and non-fiction. American Gate Magazine has a wonderfully comprehensive list of best-selling Catholic books, Catholic publishers, the Catholic Book Publishers Association Bestsellers list, Jesuit authors and the Catholic […]

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The Death of Traditional Book Publishing

Michael Hyatt envisions the death of traditional book publishing: I am convinced that we are only one device away from a digital publishing tsunami. Consider what happened when Apple launched the iPod in October of 2001. They provided an end-to-end solution that made downloading music easy, portable, and fun. Now, 30-plus million iPods later, iPods […]

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