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Updates on S.W.Shinn’s writing progress with thoughts and insights on the art of writing.

To shatter the unseen heads of dragons…

I like this prayer I heard from the April 5, 2006 Pre-sanctified Liturgy. It is referred to as a “Prayer behind the Amvon”: Almighty Master, You created the universe in wisdom. By your ineffable forethought and great goodness, You led us to these sacred days for cleansing of souls and bodies, for subduing passions, and […]

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The Family Fiction Market Gap

Here’s an interesting factoid from the Hollywood scene that gives insight to the rise of CBA fiction: Of the twenty top-grossing films of all time, not a single one is rated R. Of the top fifty films, only five are rated R. Clearly, Americans want family fare they can take the kids to. And yet, […]

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Young Adult Novels: Day 3

The New Trend Some CBA publishers have dabbled in the YA marketplace, and not done well economically. When you sell a book for only $4.99 it’s a challenge to make money from it. More recently books geared for older youths are selling in trade format in the $12 range. They run 300 pages or more, […]

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Young Adult Novels: Day 2

The Economics of Trade vs. MM Formats Consider the economics of book publishing, particularly in the CBA (Christian Booksellers) marketplace. Fiction books are typically published in either hardback, trade paperback (5”x8” to 6”x9”) or mass-market paperback (4”x7”) formats. When was the last time you saw a CBA fiction book in a mass-market paperback format? [Tip: […]

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Young Adult Novels: Day 1

Young Adult (YA) novels don’t look like YA books anymore. Walk into any bookstore and you’ll see the books becoming bigger, thicker, and with beautiful covers. The marketplace for Young Adult books is changing. Two reasons: 1) Harry Potter & Tolkien Books 2) The Economics of Trade vs. MM Formats Harry Potter & Tolkien Books […]

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Art & Soul: Publisher’s Panel

The afternoon Art & Soul session includes a very interesting session about the Christian Fiction industry. The Publishing Panel consisted of: John Wilson, Books & Culture: moderator Lil Copan, Paraclete Press David Long, Bethany House Publishers Jon Pott, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company There were a series of questions posted by John Wilson, the moderator, […]

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