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Fate’s Evil Hat Street Team

Evil Hat, the makers of Fate, have a new program to promote the Fate platform. It’s called the Evil Hat Street Team. The concept is simple. We have five Street Team challenges listed below. As you’ll see, the list is really varied. Our goal was to make sure that every person in the Evil Hat Community can […]

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Review: Fate Accelerated Edition

Both Fate Core and Fate Accelerated Edition ’versions’ are amazing products. I put ‘versions’ in quotes because, as Fred Hicks (from Evil Hat Productions, which puts out these products) will tell you, Fate Accelerated Edition (or FAE for short) is simply a build of Fate 3.0, and compatible with Core. Of the two, Fate Accelerated Edition will be my go-to edition. […]

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Review: Fate Core

I’ve been playing Fate off and on for about four years, starting with its earlier incarnation: Spirit of the Century. I’ve now started playing the new 3.0 version of Fate, an OGL and Creative Commons licensed version of the game expressed in both Fate Core and Fate Accelerated Edition. First, the core elements of Fate, and […]

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Fate Character: Korak

Played a great Fate game last night set in the Hollow Earth type setting. Below is the character I whipped up (adapted from the original ERB character). Korak John Clayton prefers to be called by his ape name Korak. He is the son of ape man Zargan (the real life inspiration behind Edgar Rice Burrough’s […]

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