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Stan’s 5e Rules Summary

Here is a 5e rules summary in both landscape and portrait formats. First two pages I print out and hand to players (I use it as a DM as well). Third page is more oriented towards the DM. Basically I run 90% of my games using ONLY the rules on these three pages; seldom are there […]

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Stan’s D&D 5e License Wish List

Here’s what I would like to see in the upcoming D&D license. I’m thinking about this because Mike Mearls has mentioned a few times that Wizards is targeting to announce the plans for their licensing in the next couple of months, with the actual licensing for D&D products to be released next year. I’m guessing […]

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Stan Shinn’s 1e to 5e Combat Tracker

[UPDATED: Here is an updated version of my DnD 1e to 5e Conversion Tool I mention in the article below: DnD 1e to 5e Conversion Tool — 2015-11-01.pdf] To convert a 1e monster to 5e, here’s a tool I’ve come up with. Please feel free to comment on ways to improve this. I’m sure the DMG will have […]

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Actual Play D&D 5e & 0e/1e Comparison

Quick Summary: I’ve run the same 4 hour adventure twice using Swords & Wizardry White Box (a D&D 0e/White Box Retroclone) and now with the D&D 5th Edition Starter Set rules. Combat takes about the same amount of time regardless of system and there was very little difference in the speed or (in my opinion) the […]

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D&D 5e Release Schedule

D&D 5e now has a release schedule. Below are the key dates, plus summaries about the Basic PDF and Player’s Handbook. July 15th — Basic Dungeons & Dragons - 96 pages; free July — Icons of the Realms Starter Miniatures Set - Minis for first two 5e adventures August 19th — Players Handbook - 320 […]

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Crowdsourced Classic Module Conversion Community

I’ve got a proposal for crowdsourced fan content with benefit to WotC. Summary In a nutshell, I could organize a community of folks to create free, fan-based 5e conversion guides for 1e/2e/BX classic modules. Conversion guides would be 1-3 pages, be peer-reviewed, follow a standardized format (ideally with some sort of D&D official ‘fan work’ […]

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