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Avoiding the RPG ‘Shiny’

Great advice from Gnome Stew; this is my biggest temptation in roleplaying as a GM which I need to resist! “AVOID THE SHINY This isn’t original with me or unique to online gaming. But it is still good advice. For the most part, you should avoid too many campaign reboots, rules changes, or genre switches […]

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Appointing a Sound Engineer for Tabletop RPG Games

I’m thinking about appointing a ‘Sound Engineer’ for my games — a person who takes time to learn one or more sound apps or playlists to provide background noises and sound effects for my games. While I’m GM’ing, the Sound Engineer can spool up whatever music or sound effects they like to enhance the game. […]

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Essential Traveller Rules

What are the essential rules to play Traveller? My below findings were from a campaign that Robert Eaglestone and I co-GM’d (he ran half the games, I ran the other half) over a calendar year. Additionally, I ran a couple of Con games. It was a total about 50 hours of gaming. Rules were mostly Classic […]

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Star Wars: 20 Grievances Against the Empire

You’ve joined the rebellion, but why? Here are some examples of grievances against the Empire which lead to you joining the Rebellion. Kicking off a Star Wars Rebellion era campaign? Have this list on hand to help give players ideas for their backstory. My business was shut down because someone on my list of clients […]

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Creating an ‘Ultimate Gamemaster’ Bag

What happens when your wife gives you a bag from her medical conference which she doesn’t want? You order some custom patches from eBay and convert it into an ‘Ultimate Gamemaster’ bag. My wife (who gets a Zillion Billion brownie points for doing this) sewed on the patches. I added some pins, and bam!, cool […]

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20 Elements To Make Your Adventures Feel Like Star Wars

What iconic ‘themes’ can make your campaign feel like the original trilogy Star Wars movies? Here are some things to consider including in your Star Wars adventures: Super weapons Monsters Family issues Struggle with temptations / the Dark Side Fate of the Galaxy at stake The Force Stormtroopers Alien landscapes Epic space battles Light saber duels Droid […]

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Lexan Sheet

Creating a Stowable Gaming Table

Many folks who have visited my gameroom and played tabletop RPGs like D&D and Traveller with me have remarked on my table setup. It’s easy to deconstruct and reconfigure the room to instead setup a folding ping-ping table or put down an inflatable bed if we have guests. It’s also big enough they I can […]

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