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Why We Write

A couple of great quotes from The Master’s Artist: Henri Nouwen writes this in Reflections on Theological Education: “Writing is a process by which we discover what lives in us. The writing itself reveals what is alive. The deepest satisfaction of writing is precisely that it opens up new spaces within us of which we […]

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Dave Long Talks Christian Themes

Dave Long of f a i t h * i n * f i c t i o n gives some example of Christian themes in novels: What happens to faith in the midst of suffering? (The Passion of Reverend Nash) How does faith change us? (Asher Lev, Godric) What is faith? (Mariette in Ecstasy, […]

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Critics Love Suspense Novel ‘Forgiving Solomon Long’

Reviewers continue to praise the crime fiction debut by Chris Well, “Forgiving Solomon Long” (Harvest House Publishers). Already hailed by “Publishers Weekly” for breaking new ground in faith-based fiction, it is a suspense thriller for fans of “Get Shorty,” “Macbeth” and “100 Bullets.” CCM Magazine reviewer Anneka Morgan gave “Forgiving Solomon Long” an A-plus: We […]

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Christian Writers at Bay Area Borders

In case you’re near San Jose, California: From Newsweek to the New York Times, Christian books are everywhere. Bay area bookstores, including Borders Santana Row, which now offers Bible imprinting, are no exception. Seven members of American Christian Fiction Writers will be featured at the 356 Santana Row store in San Jose, Thursday, March 17, […]

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Christian Media’s Appeal Beyond the Church walls

Non-Christians and nominal Christians are embracing Christian media in droves: In a survey released yesterday, the Barna Group stated that the number of people who utilize Christian Media is substantially higher than those who actually attend Church. Why the appeal? I think it is in part because Christian media is ‘family friendly.’ Picking up a […]

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A Page Per Day Novel for Busy Readers With No Time to Read

To garner interest and anticipation for her latest novel, author Susan M. Brooks is revealing one page per day on her author blog. Most authors or publishing houses wouldn’t dream of putting their works online for no charge, but Small Dogs Press and author Susan M. Brooks are trying a different approach to building interest […]

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Sales aren’t left behind in religious book series

Big sales have changed the way many big-name bookstores view the Christian market. Books-A-Million, a chain of 204 stores in the Southeast, dedicated more space to religious books. Says Terry Finley, executive vice president at Books-A-Million: One of the fastest-growing categories in our stores is Christian fiction. This is not a Southern phenomenon; it’s a […]

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Word Service

For those of you lucky enough to be on a Mac, here is a great Mac ‘service’ that you can install, that gives you many new and useful text formatting options in a variety of applications, including MS Word. Features: Reformat, Remove line endings/multiple spaces/quotes, Trim line beginnings/line endings/lines, Sort lines ascending/descending, Shift left/light, Initial […]

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‘Left Behind’ series: Like manna from heaven

This article examines the way the the Left Behind books have revolutionized the market, much as did the Harry Potter books (reversing the previous assumption that kids don’t read long books). When big-box chains like Costco and Wal-Mart began carrying the Left Behind books, sales ”exploded,” says Ron Beers, senior vice president at Tyndale, the […]

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American Christian Romance Writers Group Changes Name

Although known as American Christian Romance Writers (ACRW) when featured in the New York Times in 2004, this 650-member group is now known as American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) in response to the diverse needs of its membership, who write across many genres. “Romance is still very important to our organization,” says President Tracey Bateman, […]

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