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Top Games Played at NTRPGCon

Top Games Wanted at NTRPGCon

Yesterday I talked about Top Games Played at NTRPGCon. Now I’ll move on to some interesting survey results. I ran a poll on the NTRPGCon Facebook group which asked “What old-school game that is seldom / never run at NTRPGCon would you most like to play in next year?” I listed a few games, but allowed […]

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Top Games Played at NTRPGCon

For those who don’t know, North Texas RPG Con is an old-school RPG gaming convention which has grown in popularity each year (this year they had well over 300 attendees which maxed out their gaming space; next year they will have bigger facilities and more attendees I believe). What games are folks running at NTRPGCon? […]

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Orc miniatures from Games Workshop

Thoughts Using D&D 5e for Middle-earth Games

I’ve been playing D&D 5e since the weekend the beta first went live in May 2012. It’s my favorite version of D&D ever, and I’ve played them all (for the record, I did not care for 3e and 4e). I’ve also run a few TOR games converted to 5e using the house rules from to […]

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Combat Speed Part 3: Mechanics that Slow RPG Combat

Over the past few months I’ve taken notes in several games I’ve run or played using different systems: D&D 5e, Classic Traveller, Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, and Stormbringer RPG. I’ve also consulted notes I have from play in systems like Pathfinder. I’ve noticed that combat can take significantly longer depending on your rule system. […]

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Cover art really brought out the Moorcock vibe!

Stormbringer & Cthulhu Roleplaying Awesomeness!

This last Friday I had the joy to play in Theron Bretz’s Stormbringer RPG game which he ran at NTRPGCon this year. I’m doing a series of posts analyzing combat speed (what speeds or slows down combat in RPGs) and this was a great game to play in and analyze. Before I get into combat […]

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Combat Speed Part 1: 5e Combat Metrics

I did some combat speed calculations in my D&D 5e Middle-Earth game at this year’s NTRPGCon game. In our big climactic battle we had 31 combatants (6 PCs, 3 NPCs, 11 goblin archers, 8 goblin swordsmen, 2 Orc chiefs and 1 troll). Combat rounds were 10 minutes (< 1 minute per player with me managing […]

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Dr. Sustare GM'ing B&B

The Impact of the ‘Bunnies & Burrows’ RPG

I’m reflecting on how much I admire Dr. Dennis Sustare and his Bunnies & Burrows game from the 70’s. Bunnies & Burrows (or ‘B&B’ as we called it, in homage to ‘D&D’) was originally published in 1976, only two years after the first role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons was published. B&B was very innovative for its time. Some […]

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Low Prep RPG Games: Part 7

A Bullet Campaign is a format where you take a villain, determine their diabolical goal, then list out a few bullet points of steps they’ll take in executing their plan. It works great for high level campaigns, but works for adventures as well. Here’s an example of an adventure written in about ten minutes, inspired […]

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